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A large variety of spare parts and accessories for all of our ranges. Extend your existing systems or replace a component such as o-rings, coils, caps, seals, dials and many more. All of our ranges are covered, no matter if your are looking into spared and accessories for handwheel valves, or parts for the automotive or forklift sector. The larger tanks and quick coupling system are also covered but not only, even spares for our refrigerant and solenoid valves can be found.

Find adapters to be able to connect your system to any other system or to combine different valves and regulators to each other

Accessories & Spares
Spare parts for Handwheel valves
Cylinder regulator accessories
Spare parts for Automotive
Box for filler valve
Multivalve Accessories
Spare parts for Forklifts
Minimum Level Detector
Spare Parts for Tank Valves
For Filler Valves
For French Multivalves
For Service valves
For Safety Valves
For SRG 489
For Level gauge SRG 487 Senior / Junior
For Remote Transmission
For Senior Connection
Blanking Plug
  • Hand-wheel For Valves 480-435/438- 480-712-2001
    Valves 480-435/438- 480-712-2001
  • Adapter - 01951400
    Inlet: 1 5⁄8" UNF
    Outlet: ¾ " F NPT
Pressure Gauge Test port
Spare Parts for Quick Coupling
For Type 412 valves
For Type 413 valves
For Type 415 valves
For Type 425 valves
For Type 426 valves
For Jumbo valves
  • Plastic Protection Cap With Strap - 412-042-3000
    Plastic protection cap with strap
    No pressure tight
  • Plastic protection cap with strap - 414-031-2002
    Plastic protection cap with strap
    Pressure tight
    230 mm string
For Type 428 valves
  • Filling Adapter - 604
    Inlet: 35mm, EN15202, fig.G.56
    Outlet: W21.8x1/14 LH
  • Filling Adapter - 605
    Inlet: Various threads
    Outlet: W21.8x1/14 LH
  • Filling Adapter - 607
    Inlet: 27 mm, EN15202 fig. G.59
    Outlet: W21.8x1/14 LH
  • Compact Adapters For Potable LPG tanks - 640 series
    Compact Adapter for portable LPG tanks
  • Snap Tight Adapter - 647
    Snap Tight Adapter
  • Bayonet High Pressure Adapter - 648
    Inlet: Bayonet
    Outlet: CGA 510 - 90° angled or others
Spare Parts Solenoid Valves
Spare parts for Tank regulators
Ball valves with connection
Connecting piece
  • Emergency Supply Adapter For Tank Regulator - 510-003-2001
    Emergency supply adapter for tank regulator
    Series 511-516
    G 1/4» F x 3/8»
  • Adapter cylinder valve on regulator - 510-028-2
    Inlet: W21.8 LH No. 2
    Outlet: W21.8 LH + hasp
  • Adapter - 511-052
    Inlet: POL male (G.9)
    Outlet: W21.8 (G.12)
  • Adapter - 511-053
    Inlet: Soft POL (G.10)
    Outlet: W21.8 (G12)
Compression-isolation fitting, brass
  • Compression-isolation Fitting, Brass - 510-08X
    Compression-isolation Fitting
Insulator “GT”
  • Insulator “GT” - 510-22X
    Inlet: Various threads
    Outlet: ½” external
Safety fuses
  • Safety Fuses - 510-20X
    Inlet: Various threads
    Outlet: Various threads
Pipe fitting (RVS), galvanised steel
    Connection thread: Different settings
Soldered connecting piece (LS), brass
Gas Flow Monitor
  • Gas Flow Monitor - 510-022-2001
    Gas Flow Monitor
    GS 20 HH 4 - ¾” AIZ
    R ¾” RP ¾”
  • Gas Flow Monitor - 510-021-2001
    Gas Flow Monitor
    GS 15 HH 2.5 ½” AIZ
    R ½” RP ½”
  • Gas Flow Monitor - 510-020-2001
    Gas Flow Monitor
    GS 15 HH 1.6 ½” AIZ
    R ½” RP ½”
Set of fittings to fit the cylinder regulator for downstream pipeline test
  • Set Of Fittings To Fit The Cylinder Regulator For Downstream Pipeline Test - 510-00
    Set Of Fittings To Fit The Cylinder Regulator For Downstream Pipeline Test - 510-00
Accessories set / attachment set for regulator with POL connection
Ventilation for underground cylinders
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