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The usage of industrial tanks

  • Aside from storage, LPG is also used in the industrial sector for heating and cutting metals, powering industrial boilers, and fueling various types of machinery
  • Its clean-burning characteristics also make it an environmentally friendly alternative to other fossil fuels
  • Industrial LPG storage tanks are specifically designed and built to withstand extreme pressure and temperature
  • These tanks are integral to ensuring a steady supply of LPG, a fuel that is heavily relied upon in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and food processing

The highest standards in the industry

  • Rotarex valves are recognized for their superior build quality, durability, and precision
  • Using high-quality components like those from Rotarex not only enhances the safety and efficiency of industrial LPG operations but also minimizes maintenance costs in the long run

Digital Measurement System
LPG Valves
CL System for Industrial
  • CL System
    For small and large storage tanks
    Ease of installation and use
    ATEX, KEMA and TUV-certified
TV4 System for Industrial
    Overfill protection
    Automatic Fillstop
    ATEX, KEMA & TUV-certified
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