A 100 years old leading company

Rotarex is a global company that designs and manufactures premium quality gas control products and systems. Founded in Luxembourg in 1922, the company has grown to be a world-leading producer of cylinder valves, pressure regulators, equipment and complete systems that deliver superior gas safety, control, and productivity for any gas applications.

1600 employees
10 factories
21 Sales Offices


Industriestrasse 11
35075 Gladenbach
Tel: +49 6462 939 20
Email:(LPG only) srg@rotarex.com 
all other products: info@rotarex.com

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All gas applications
Many beverages get better with sparkles or smoother. Rotarex Solutions has developed a complete range of products for water carbonation to sparkle water directly from the tap, or make coffees and cocktail smoother with nitrogen to equip bars and professionals with innovative tasty drinks.
Clean energies are the future of transportation. From CNG to LPG, including hydrogen, Rotarex has developed a wide range of valves and regulators that meet the requirements of the automotive industry by combining safety, lightness and performance.
Semiconductors manufacturing is a complex process which requires the use of toxic and corrosive gases. These manufacturing processes need the highest gas purity level so that no particle can alter the smooth operation of the final product. Equipment such as valves and regulators must ensure the highest level of tightness and avoid any contamination of the gas they carry. Rotarex Puretec is the market leader in this type of high-tech equipment.
Industrial Gas
Valves are widely used in industrial processes for various applications in which gases are required. Be it inert gases in food industry, CO2 for beer making, nitrogen for refrigeration and inerting or many other gases such as oxygen, nitric oxide, acetylene and other mixtures used in many other applications. Rotarex has a wide range of valves and equipment using different technologies specially developed for each industrial application.
Butane and propane are used in many applications, both at home and in industries. These gases can be stored in small portable cylinders, used for barbecues or some kitchens, or in large tanks. Rotarex SRG offers a complete range of valves and regulators which ensure safety and reliability for all butane and propane applications.
Fire Supression
The use of gas in fire extinguishing brings a real advantage to its users. Besides being efficient, quick and harmless protection, it avoids all possible damages a system using liquid could cause. Rotarex Firetec provides complete systems designed to protect large areas such as rooms or entire buildings, as well as smaller objects like vehicles engines, kitchens and electrical cabinets... where fire is most likely to start.
Many pure gases are used in laboratories and research centers for a wide variety of applications. Primarily supplied by gas distribution systems requiring numerous equipment from source to point of use, the gases must be delivered to the end user at an accurate flow rate and pressure. Rotarex has a complete range of high performance equipment designed for pure gases distribution systems.
Used in hospitals, at home or in emergency transport, medical gases such as oxygen, medical or surgical air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are widely involved in reanimation operations, respiratory treatments, anesthesia. The gas can be administrated with a portable equipment such as a cylinder equipped with a valve and a regulator, or by connection to a complete gas line which requires numerous equipment.
Focus on innovations and technical excellence.
With 4 company owned R&D centers, a testing laboratory, a material department, an electronic department, a simulations department, a prototyping & 3d department, Rotarex insures fast and reactive innovation development, optimize performance, safety, design and usability of all its products.
4 R&D centers
100 engineers
350 Active patents

The complete manufacturing process mastered from the components manufactured in-house, to the high machining and assembly capabilities, adapted to every application specification.

  • Clean room manufacturing
  • Oxygen or UHP cleaning
  • Surface treatment
  • Orbital welding
  • Automated assembly systems
Rotarex vision & core values
Together for a global sustainable growth, by promoting an innovation culture, providing integrated solutions and products for all gas applications, driven by operational excellence.
Inspiring leadership since 1922


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