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Feb 22, 2024
Rotarex SRG to launch its patented new and improved version of multivalve
Lintgen, 22 February 2024 — Rotarex SRG is starting the year 2024 with a patented new and improved version of the multivalve, now with capacitive measuring. This advancement represents a significant leap forward in precision and connectivity for LPG monitoring systems, allowing recreational vehicles (RV) and camping car drivers a worriless trip.



Introducing the new LPG multivalve, where precision meets innovation

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The new multivalve redefines accuracy in gas measurement. With electronic measurement boasting an impressive 3 - 80% reading, which surpasses classical mechanical, float based models offering a reading of only 15 - 55% due to dimensional constraints.

This level of accuracy ensures reliability and peace of mind for all users. This installation is easy and flexible and provides ultra-precise readings with an accuracy of +/- 1% with our PUSH-to-VIEW-Display.



Seamless connectivity through our proven DIMES application


In today’s interconnected world, the new multivalve can easily be coupled to the Rotarex SRG DIMES application (available for iOS and Android), allowing users to stay connected and informed. Simply add our DIMES Communication unit to the valve and unleash the full potential of the installation. The new LPG multivalve comes with a cable connected wall mount including the PUSH-to-VIEW-Display which you can install in an easy-to-read spot.

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By adding our optional DIMES Communication unit to your setup, you will have the non-plus-ultra solution, a complete system which can be coupled to our DIMES application.

This provides access to in-depth data like continuous and real-time gas monitoring, two customizable alarm levels, notifications when running low on gas to give you enough time for refills, an anticipation of your next refill and a comprehensive overview of your gas consumption pattern.

This offers you a game-changing experience if you are an RV fan or are often travelling with your camping car. Having installed this on your LPG cylinder, allows you to check the gas level at any time from the inside of your vehicle or on your smartphone. You will never run out of gas again while travelling and you never need to go through the hassle of changing your gas bottles in the tight compartment if you are running out of gas at the most uncomfortable time.

The new multivalve is the latest addition to the Rotarex SRG portfolio for gas management related to LPG cylinders. Discover more about our new multivalve by exploring our dedicated product page.



About Rotarex SRG:

Rotarex SRG, part of Rotarex S.A., is a leader in the gas industry who has been providing innovative solutions to the LPG market. Our mission is to deliver high-quality products that incorporate the latest technology to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. For over 90 years we have been the trusted partner of many companies, providing customized solutions to the LPG and cryogenic gases market.


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