Rotarex SRG, in business since 1932, produces propane gas regulators, LPG regulators, LPG & propane valves, filling valves, level gauges, propane tank valves and more for large tank, portable cylinder, automotive and forklift uses.
Rotarex SRG Propane Gas And LPG Products
The company Schultz Rackow Gastechnik, known as SRG, was founded in 1932 and became part of the Rotarex Group in 200x. Today, Rotarex SRG is the world leader in premium quality LPG and propane valves, regulators and level gauges. It applies German engineering expertise to develop and manufacture products for LPG and propane storage tank, portable cylinder, automotive and forklift applications.
  • Rotarex SRG offers clip on valves, high pressure propane regulators, low pressure propane regulators, safety valves and more for portable LPG & propane cylinders.
    LPG Cylinder Valves & Pressure Regulators
    Clip-on valve, high pressure LPG & propane regulator, low pressure LPG & propane regulator, safety valve & more.
  • Rotarex SRG offers filling valves, polyvalves, propane regulators, propane level gauges, check valves, safety valves & more.
    LPG Tank Equipment, Regulators & Float Gauges
    Filling valve, polyvalve, LPG & propane gas regulator, level gauge, check valve, safety valve & more.
  • Rotarex SRG offers filling valves, LPG & propane tank valves, LPG & propane level gauges, low propane fuel gauges, safety valves & more.
    LPG Automotive / Forklift / Camping Valves & Equipment
    Filling valve, LPG gas adapter, propane bottle adapter, LPG & propane tank valve & more.
  • DIMES SRG Camping
    Absolute gas control with our smart DIMES remote monitoring solution for refillable cylinders
  • Refrigerant Cylinder Valves
    Find a single or dual-phase cylinder valve, flow control valve & more.
  • Electromagnetic/ Solenoid Valves
    Find a refrigerant gas solenoid valve.
  • Rotarex SRG offers equipment for LPG forklifts including filling valves, LPG gas adapters, propane bottle adapters, propane tank valves and more for LPG and propane automotive uses.
    Find a natural gas valve, natural gas shut off valve or natural gas pressure regulator for -200ºC.

MLD Increases Forklift Productivity.

MLD is the first LPG minimum gas level detector system for LPG-powered forklifts.

This low-pressure regulator is suitable for grill and heating. Equipped with a pressure gauge, it’s easy to check the remaining gas level as well as a possible leak. This safety regulator is a combination of 2 pressures regulating stage connected in series. If the designated, first pressure regulating stage fails, the second one takes charge of the pressure regulation.

  • Leak test: use the indicator to perform a reliable leak check
  • Indication of the remaining quantity
  • Overpressure safety: 2 pressures regulating stages connected in series


Rotarex SRG Niederdruckregler (2-stufig) Typ530

Rotarex SRG Niederdruckregler (2-stufig) Typ530

ROTAREX DIMES Camping Gas control

ROTAREX DIMES Camping Gas control

Rotarex SRG is a world leading manufacturer of LPG and propane valves, LPG and propane regulators plus LPG and propane level gauges for large tank, portable cylinder, automotive and forklift applications.

Rotarex SRG Company Video

SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik – LPG valve, LPG pressure regulator & LPG level gauge manufacturer.

The MLD low propane fuel gauge from Rotarex SRG measures the content of LPG/propane remaining in the cylinder and alerts the driver when it is time to change it.

Forklift Propane Fuel Gauge

Learn how MLD saves time & money by alerting driver when cylinder is low.


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