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Refrigerant & Solenoid Valves
Refrigerant & Solenoid Valves

Refrigerant valves and solenoid valves need to withstand the coldest gases and their temperatures colder than -50 degrees celsius. Rotarex SRG valves are tested thoroughly in a specific procedure to make sure that the right material is used in combination with the right gas, avoiding a dissociation of the gasket over time.

  • All of our products are manufactured using the best material. No matter which application you are looking for, we cover them all!
  • Our knowledgeable experts will assist you in chosing the right valve for the right application, giving you custom advice depending on your needs.

Solenoid/Refrigerant Valves
Refrigerant valves
O-Ring Seal
  • Product
    Working pressure: 48 bar (696 psi)
    Material: Brass
    Safety: F110: No / F111: Yes
  • Product
    Working pressure: 45 bar (652 psi)
    Material: Brass
    Safety: F112: No / F113: Yes
  • Product
    Working pressure: 41 bar (594 psig)
    Temperature: -25°C up to + 65°C
    Seat orifice size: 5 mm
Diaphragm Seal
Special and Package seal valves
  • Product
    Working pressure: 33 bar (480 ps)
    Temperature: -25°C up to + 65°C
    Seat orifice size: 7 mm
  • Product
    Working pressure: 45 bar (650 psi)
    Temperature: -25°C up to + 65°C
    Seat orifice size: 8 mm
Pressure relief valve
  • Product
    Outlet: 1“-20“UNEF
    Inlet: 1“-11,5“NPT
    Flow capacity: Version: 852 at 2065 cfm
Solenoid valves
Automotive Normal flow
  • Product
    Tank connection: 3/4" NPT
    Outlet: 5/16" SAE or 1/4" SAE
    Voltage: 12V
Automotive High flow
M12 Series
M25 Series
M34 Series
M48 Series
For CO2
  • Product
    Orifice: 6.2 mm
    Coil: 6W
    Kw Value: 0.3 - 0.5
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