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MULTIVALVE 488 - 424 with ELG electronic
level gauge for self filling cylinders
The 488-424 multivalve is equipped with a sensor which digitally measures the level of the liquid inside your cylinder with the highest precision through continuous reading. When linked to our DIMES technology, the data is transferred to an external display or is wirelessly transmitted to your phone.
External display unit dial (part no. 488-013-2001)
External display unit dial (part no. 488-013-2001)
Level reading from 0-100%
Level reading from 0-100%
Digital measurement DIMES® module optionally available (part no. 488-016-2001) for mobile application
Digital measurement DIMES® module optionally available (part no. 488-016-2001) for mobile application
S01000 PP Valve

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Multivalve 488-424
External display (part no. 488-013-2001)
Connected to your valve, this display allows you to check on your gas level without reading the content on the valve itself. This display comes with a longer cable and can be mounted onto any flat surface, making it easier to read the gas level.
S02006 DTS
Wave Box
DIMES Module (part no. 488-016-2001)
Bluetooth box to connect your multivalve to our DIMES app, giving you the opportunity to wirelessly check the gas level inside your cylinder through our app.
Download our app on the play store and monitor the content of your gas cylinder, check your consumption and even set two different alarm levels, notifying you and preventing you to run out of gas at the wrong moment.
DIMES Module for Mobile Application
Material PA 6.6 Black  
Display 3-digit red LED (in % full)  
power Coin-battery 3V (CR2032)
External SV (JWPF)
connections M35x1  
Communication JWPF Outlet Connector
0.5-4.5V @ 5V
Reading on demand / On-Site full calibration
Operating temperature -20 to 60°C (-4°F to +150°F)  
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