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Rotarex (2-stage) low pressure regulator 50 mbar for LPG barbecue and heating with pressure gauge for residual gas indication and leakage control.
  • Leak check
  • Indication of the remaining amount
  • Uncomplicated assembly
  • Suitable for all gas bottles
  • Overpressure safety device with visual display
  • Thermal shutdown device in case of fire
Valve Image
Easy Installation
Connect the hose of the consuming unit (e.g. grill or heater) to the output of the regulator
Connect the regulator to the valve of the gas cylinder
Reliable residual quantity display
LPG screw-on regulator 530-2 manometer
Gas bottle sufficiently filled
ATTENTION: Low gas level in the bottle
Residual gas available for 10 - 15 min.
Barbecue in summer
Barbecue in summer
Heating in winter
Heating in winter
Is this regulator also suitable for gas grills?
Yes, definitely. The regulator is available exactly in the version suitable for Germany with 50 mbar output pressure. The device can be operated outdoors or indoors, as it is explicitly approved for indoor use as well. There are additional safety features of the regulator for outdoor use, which are not mandatory but can be useful.
Is it possible to test the thermal shut-off safety device with a hot air gun or is the low-pressure regulator defective afterwards and must be replaced?
The thermal shut-off device is designed for absolute emergencies and must not be tested. After being triggered, the regulator is no longer functional and must be replaced.
Is the low pressure regulator also suitable for a 33 kg propane gas cylinder?
No, because a different valve = a different valve outlet is used here (industry).
Which hose do I need for this?
A hose with a 1/4" left-hand thread union nut is connected to the low pressure regulator.
Can I also use the low pressure regulator in a motor home?
No, the low pressure regulator has an output pressure of 50mbar, for caravans and motor homes only low pressure regulators with 30mbar are permitted.
Is it normal that the black pointer goes down during grilling?
Yes, this is normal. The black needle indicates the pressure and therefore the filling quantity of the gas bottle. It also depends on the ambient temperature (on a hot day the pressure gauge will show a higher value).
Does the manometer also serve as a level indicator?
Yes and No. LPG has the peculiarity that the pressure remains almost constant during use. This means that the pressure still indicates "full" even when the gas cylinder is already almost empty. Only in the last 10-15 minutes "remaining" the pressure changes. Then you can clearly see how the pressure or the display slowly becomes less. Normally, this is enough for 1-2 barbecues. By the way, the pressure is also dependent on the outside temperature. So the pressure can be slightly different from day to day.
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