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The original valve system, developed by Willy Rackow. This valve is used worldwide with many millions in service.
It is without doubt the strongest and most rigid connection available.

The double stage design ensures an excellent regulator performance and characteristic with a maximum pressure of 4 bar between the cylinder valve and the regulating device for any type of liquefied gas.

The regulator has the capability to include a flow limiter that initiates an automatic shutdown of gas flow at approximately 1500 liters of air per hour (under regular cylinder pressure) in the event of a gas tubing rupture or accidental tubing disconnection.

Following this shutdown, the gas release is controlled to a maximum of 35 liters of air per hour.
The regulator can be equipped with a pressure relief valve in the low-pressure stage, opening at a nominal pressure of 150 mbar.
Key advantages
  • Connects to the Jumbo type clipon valves
  • Connect and disconnect without tools, with just 1 hand
  • on-off switch
Inlet35 mm, EN15202  
OutletNozzle 8, for hose with 8 mm inner diameter, to EN 16129
Nozzle 10, for hose with 10 mm inner diameter, to EN 16129
Other outlet connections available on request
Outlet Pressure28 mbar
30 mbar
37 mbar
Other settings available on request
Blue grey
Other colors available on request
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