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The SRG 491 safety relief valve is designed for the use in LPG or Drinks Dispense systems to protect the piping in an overpressure situation. The valve will “pop” fully open shortly after the valve starts to discharge to ensure the rapid reduction of internal pressure. The valve is fitted with a resilient seat disc as the main closure and will close again automatically when normal piping pressure is restored.

There are two different versions:

1. Drinks Dispense Valve
The safety relief valve has a G 1/8” or G ¼” parallel connection with o-ring seal.
Pressure settings: 55 psi (3,8 bar), 100 psi (6,9 bar) or 110 psi (7,6 bar).
Discharge Capacity: 510 l/min air at 110% (60,5 psi) or 1000 l/min air at 110% (110/121 psi).

2. LPG External Hydrostatic Relief Valve
The safety relief valve has a ¼” NPT conical thread connection.
Pressure settings: 400 psi (27,6 bar); 464 psi (32,0 bar).
The valve is approved and CE/UL or 67R-01 marked and suitable for design pressure up to 32 bar and temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to 65°C (149°F).
The relief valve can be set between 3,8 bar and 32 bar.
InletG1⁄8" or G¼ " or ¼ " NPT  
Std pressure3,8 to 32 bar  
Width across flats17mm HEX  
Body MaterialBrass  
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