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Game Changing Innovations through Advanced R&D

Founded in 1934, the company Schultz und Rackow Gastechnik was acquired by Rotarex SA in the year 2000 and merged with the Ceodeux LPGTEC. Now known as Rotarex SRG, it is a world leading producer of premium quality LPG/propane gas control products. Focus on innovation and technical excellence in the tradition of quality German engineering enable Rotarex SRG to develop breakthrough products, such as the 80% stop-fill valve, that have become industry standards. Currently, the company is taking the lead in applying digital technologies to LPG/propane gas control that improve safety and productivity.

Rotarex SRG manufactures LPG/propane gas control products for large tanks, portable cylinders and custom tanks that are used in industrial, consumer, cooking/barbecue, heating and automotive applications. The company leverages the vast R&D infrastructure of the Rotarex group to proactively develop creative solutions for industry challenges in all sectors.

Present in 65 countries worldwide, Rotarex SRG provides fast, responsive service. Plus, its technical experts are available to answer questions and work collaboratively with customers to solve problems.

Large Tank LPG/Propane Tank Regulators & Equipment
Rotarex SRG produces an extensive range of premium quality LPG/propane regulators and equipment for industrial, consumer and heating applications. Products include an LPG & propane tank regulator, float gauge, electronic level gauge, propane tank valve, check valve, safety valve, propane tank accessories, filling valve, propane tank adapter, LPG & propane level gauge & more.

Portable Cylinder LPG/Propane Cylinder Valves & Pressure Regulators
For portable cylinders used in industrial, consumer or cooking/barbecue applications, Rotarex SRG offers premium quality LPG valves and propane regulators along with clip-on valves, manual hand wheel valve, safety valves plus accessories & more.

Tank Level Measuring Equipment
To provide a highly accurate reading of propane tank contents, Rotarex SRG produces breakthrough tank level measuring equipment. Precise and durable, products include mechanical level gauges, electronic level gauges, float gauges, remote monitoring options, the MLD low propane fuel gauge for forklifts, a digital LPG & propane level gauge & more.

LPG/Propane Forklifts
Rotarex SRG products improve forklift operation productivity and safety. Along with filling valves, LPG & propane cylinder adapters & LPG & propane tank valve, it offers the MLD minimum level detector which was the first low propane fuel gauge that accurately determines the amount of LPG/propane remaining in a cylinder. MLD alerts drivers when it is time to return to the exchange cabinet. This saves a lot of time and money.

LPG/Propane: Autogas Vehicles
Rotarex SRG is a leading provider of propane tank valves, safety valves, check valves, level gauges & filling valves for LPG/propane vehicles. The company collaborates with vehicle manufacturers to produce durable, high-performance LPG/propane gas control products using the latest technologies.

About Rotarex
Rotarex designs and manufactures a wide range of very high quality gas control products that deliver peak performance, giving sellers, users or installers of gas equipment confidence that their projects will achieve better success. Developing industry-leading innovation expertise during its 90-year history, the company counts over 100 patents in its portfolio. With ISO certified manufacturing standards and unmatched source through production quality control, Rotarex products perform better, require less maintenance and have a longer life. Rotarex offers the widest range of control products and systems for all major gas applications.

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Quick-filling LPG polyvalve technologies for automobile and forklift applications enable auto-gas drivers to self-fill on LPG at every gas station in Europe without swapping valves that aren't compatible.

Drivers gain the confidence that comes with easy fill-ups wherever they roam. And companies with forklift trucks (FLTs) can avoid disruptions wherever their worksites may be.

  • Just one compact, lightweight, brass-body valve does it all
  • Fill up at all gas stations offering Autogas/LPG
  • Features Automatic 80% fill-stop & integrated gauge

Rotarex SRG is a business unit of Rotarex SA, manufacturer of cylinder valves, pressure regulators, fittings & equipment for safe, precise gas control in many different applications.

Rotarex Corporate Video

Learn about Rotarex’ premium quality cylinder valves, pressure regulators & gas control equipment…

Rotarex SRG is a world leading manufacturer of LPG and propane valves, LPG and propane regulators plus LPG and propane level gauges for large tank, portable cylinder, automotive and forklift applications.

Rotarex SRG Company Video

SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik – LPG valve, LPG pressure regulator & LPG level gauge manufacturer.

The MLD low propane fuel gauge from Rotarex SRG measures the content of LPG/propane remaining in the cylinder and alerts the driver when it is time to change it.

Forklift Propane Fuel Gauge

Learn how MLD saves time & money by alerting driver when cylinder is low.

The MLD low propane fuel gauge from Rotarex SRG is easy to install.

How to Install MLD

See how easy it is to install the MLD LPG & propane forklift low propane fuel gauge.


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