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Jan 19, 2016
No More Traffic Jams
MLD Low Propane Fuel Gauge Keeps Propane Forklifts from Running Out of Gas
No More Traffic Jams

Company: Mid Sized Sporting Goods Supplier
A mid-sized sporting goods company has a 45,000 square foot warehouse, fully racked and railed. Aisle width accommodates propane forklift use for order picking. Quick product availability is ensured by having a system of aisles and cross-aisles that make it easier to move around the warehouse. The warehouse employs 8 propane forklifts.

Problem: A Propane Forklift that Runs Out of Gas Blocks Aisles
To save space, warehouse aisle configuration allows the safe operation of 1 forklift. However, if a propane forklift runs out of gas while in the middle of a task, it often doesn’t leave enough room for another forklift to go past it. This can block an aisle for 15-25 minutes. And, if the breakdown occurs at an intersection, access to goods in 2 aisles is potentially blocked. Forklift drivers have no way to know with certainty when the LPG cylinder is about empty. Several times a week forklifts out of gas and block aisles, causing a significant loss of productivity. “Traffic jams” occur as drivers are stuck behind the disabled forklift.

Solution: MLD Low Propane Fuel Gauge
The company installed the MLD low propane fuel gauge from Rotarex SRG on each forklift. Now, drivers are alerted when the cylinder is low. The low propane fuel gauge is new, patented technology that senses when a cylinder has approximately one half gallon of LPG remaining. This gives the forklift operator twenty to thirty minutes advanced notice to complete a job and exchange cylinders in a safe area.

Result: Thanks to “No More Traffic Jams” Productivity Increased
Forklifts do not run out of gas, ensuring free traffic flow at all times throughout the warehouse. There are no more traffic jams, and there has been a significant improvement in productivity. As a side benefit, propane expense has been reduced since cylinders are virtually fully used. The gain in productivity and reduction in LPG expense quickly offset the cost of MLD.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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