For Original SRG Cylinder Valves and Cylinder Regulators


SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH warrants to the original purchasers the products manufactured by it to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 2 years from the date of manufacture.

If within thirty days after buyer’s discovery of what buyer believes is a defect, buyer notifies in writing SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH. Buyer should obtain in writing from SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH written consent with a return authorization number before returning product. Under no circumstances shall any material be returned without first obtaining written consent SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH.

SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH at its option, and within forty-five days, will repair, replace F.O.B. point of manufacture, or refund the purchase price of that part of product found by it to be defective. Failure of buyer to give such written notice within thirty days shall be deemed an absolute and unconditional waiver of any and all claims of buyer arising out of such defect.

This warranty does not extend to any product or part that is not installed and used in accordance with SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH printed instructions, all applicable state and local regulations, and all applicable national standards.

This warranty does not extend to any product or part that has been damaged by accident, misuse, abuse or neglect, nor does it extend to any product or part which has been modified, altered, or repaired in the field. This warranty does not cover any cosmetic issues, such as scratches, dents, marring, fading of colors or discoloration.

Except as expressly set forth above, and subject to the limitation of liability below SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH makes NO OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED; INCLUDING; BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, with respect to its products and parts, whether used alone or in combination with others. SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH disclaims all warranties not stated herein.


In no event SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH shall be liable for any incidental, consequential or special as well as punitive damages of any kind or nature whatsoever, including but not limited to lost profits arising from or in any way connected with our products, whether alleged to arise from breach of contract, express or implied warranty, or in tort, including without limitation, negligence, failure to warn or strict liability.

SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH shall not be liable for, and buyer assumes liability for, all personal injury and property damage connected with the handling, transportation, possession, further manufacture, other use or resale of products, whether used alone or in combination with any other products or material.

SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH total liability for any and all losses and damages arising out of any cause whatsoever shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the products or parts in respect of which such cause arises, whether such cause be based on theories of contract, strict liability, tort or otherwise.

If SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH furnishes technical advice to buyer, whether or not at buyer’s request, with respect to application, further manufacture or other use of the products and parts, SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH shall not be liable for such technical advice and buyer assumes all risks of such advice and the results thereof.

NOTE: Some countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. The warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights. The portions of this limited warranty and limitation of liability shall be considered severable and all portions, which are not disallowed by applicable law, shall remain in full force and effect.


All SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH products are mechanical devices that will eventually become inoperative due to wear, corrosion and aging of components made of materials such as brass, rubber etc. The environment and conditions of use will determine the safe service life of these products. Periodic inspections and maintenance are essential to avoid serious injury and property damage.

During such periodic inspections and maintenance, our warranty does not apply to the following:

  • repair or replacement due to normal wear or damage during routine maintenance

  • Damage to components whose fragility is for technical reasons unavoidable and determined by product design;

  • Damage from not following recommended maintenance and procedures, as outlined in our instruction manual;

  • Damage resulting from the use of an unauthorised part, supplied, manufactured or modified by procedures not included in our instruction manual.

Many SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH products are manufactured components, which areincorporated by others on or in other products or systems used for storage, transport, and transfer andotherwise for use of toxic, flammable and dangerous liquids and gases. Such substances must be handled byexperienced and trained personnel only, using accepted governmental and industrial safety procedures.


Since LPG dealers are the primary customer contact, the dealer has an obligation to warn customers of potential hazards of LPG, and ensure that they are made aware of the available safety instructions for the use and handling of LPG. Dealers must warn customers that LPG is flammable and explosive. Instruct customers to leave the area immediately if they should hear, see or smell gas escaping from a cylinder.


The Limited Warranty stated above is honored a factory warranty to the first purchasers. The user must within thirty (30) days after the user’s discovery of what user believes is a defect, notify in writing SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH. Failure by buyer to give such written notice within thirty (30) days shall be deemed an absolute and unconditional waiver of buyer’s claim for such defects. Acceptance of any alleged defective product/parts for replacement or repairs under the terms of SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH Limited Warranty in no way obligates SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH to the terms of the above warranty. Because of a policy of continuous product improvement, SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik GmbH reserves the right to change designs, materials or specifications and product information without notice, but shall not be required to modify equipment already sold or in service.


This low-pressure regulator is suitable for grill and heating. Equipped with a pressure gauge, it’s easy to check the remaining gas level as well as a possible leak. This safety regulator is a combination of 2 pressures regulating stage connected in series. If the designated, first pressure regulating stage fails, the second one takes charge of the pressure regulation.

  • Leak test: use the indicator to perform a reliable leak check
  • Indication of the remaining quantity
  • Overpressure safety: 2 pressures regulating stages connected in series


Rotarex SRG Niederdruckregler (2-stufig) Typ530

Rotarex SRG Niederdruckregler (2-stufig) Typ530

ROTAREX DIMES Camping Gas control

ROTAREX DIMES Camping Gas control

Rotarex SRG is a world leading manufacturer of LPG and propane valves, LPG and propane regulators plus LPG and propane level gauges for large tank, portable cylinder, automotive and forklift applications.

Rotarex SRG Company Video

SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik – LPG valve, LPG pressure regulator & LPG level gauge manufacturer.

The MLD low propane fuel gauge from Rotarex SRG measures the content of LPG/propane remaining in the cylinder and alerts the driver when it is time to change it.

Forklift Propane Fuel Gauge

Learn how MLD saves time & money by alerting driver when cylinder is low.


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