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Aug 07, 2017
A Tip for How LPG Cylinder & Tank Manufacturers Can Gain a Competitive Advantage
Here's a tip for one quick way cylinder & tank manufacturers can gain a competitive advantage: offer your recreational vehicle customers LPG cylinders equipped with an ultra-compact Rotarex SRG Series A6155 polyvalve.
A Tip for How LPG Cylinder & Tank Manufacturers Can Gain a Competitive Advantage

To understand how this gives you an edge, let's first consider how the RV market is evolving.

The global market for recreational vehicles is experiencing strong growth, with sales expected to exceed 770 thousand units by 2022. What's driving this growth? People living in cities are craving outdoor adventures in natural surroundings. And as they pack up their RV's and get ready to leave the city behind, they'll also need to fill and store the propane cylinder — often an unpleasant duty since cylinders can be heavy and awkward to handle.

That's why many RV outfitters and manufacturers are looking for ways to make it easier for city dwellers to experience the great outdoors. This is where the Rotarex SRG Series A6155 polyvalve comes in. It significantly reduces weight and bulk, making propane cylinders much more convenient for the new urban campers to use, transport and store. And, it enables their LPG cylinders to be used anywhere.

Plus, before we developed the breakthrough Series A6155, LPG cylinders used in recreational applications, would come with a single valve on a standard domestic cylinder. While users travel across countries, the connections of their domestic cylinder valves become often becomes incompatible. This makes it very complicated or impossible to re-fill cylinders while, at the same time, locally available cylinders can be incompatible with the recreational vehicles installations.

By leveraging our vast experience with integrated LPG valves, Rotarex SRG developed the Series A6155 polyvalve that solves all problems these problems. Now, one compact, lightweight brass-body valve performs necessary functions, which makes the ROTAREX SRG A6155 a universal system for all recreational users in all locations. The A6155 polyvalve comes with the necessary features to make it the safest, most versatile system available as it allows self-filling at all automotive gas stations offering LPG.

In order to be approved for use at automotive gas stations, it includes an 80% fill-stop valve, real level indication, pressure release valve, fast fill port and a service connection. The polyvalve's safety release valve also produces a very high flow of 18.5 Sm3/min which enables it to be used on cylinders containing up to +/- 100 liters of LPG.

For added user convenience, we've installed a propane level gauge with a new direct reading level indicator that has a top and side view as well as an optional remote readout for external displays. In addition, it is equipped with a manual shut-off valve, an excess flow device for use in case of rupture of the supply line and a special internal filter that avoids liquid withdrawal from the polyvalve which makes it the safest valve the recreational industry has ever seen.

The new Rotarex SRG Series A6166 polyvalve enables RV outfitters and manufacturers to design smaller LPG cylinder storage compartments and tell their customers they are providing an easier-to-use cylinder. To learn more about how the ultra-compact Series A6166 can help you sell more LPG cylinders, please contact me.

Fendi Choi
Fendi Choi
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